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Ghetto SOS is a local response to the emergency that we live as a planet, we seek to take action from our natural environment: the entertainment and nightlife of Bogotá, from where we intend to generate benefits to promote critical, purposeful and innovative thinking in the face of environmental impact .

"A local response to the emergency we are experiencing as a planet"

Ghetto SOS

The Ghetto Project is a platform to which many people belong, which is why we created an access system to benefits offered by Ghetto SOS and thus respond to our commitment to each project that we welcome within our system. Ghetto SOS values ​​the process more than the result, that is why we open our call to any project that seeks to educate, raise awareness and innovate on different issues that are part of the environmental emergency that we are currently experiencing. Whatever the proposal, we are willing to study it to support and be part of it.

We have designed a real benefits system, which fits the promise we offer to always be able to keep our word and give continuity to this project.

This system also guarantees that all the proposals that arrive are reviewed and taken into account to respond to them in an orderly manner.


Benefits system


Def: From English chunk (piece). Minecraft map segment that spawns around the player the first time the player enters a world.
The project may make use of the Ghetto Project facilities on the Tuesday of the week designated to carry out a promotional event or activities. The event to be carried out and the needs of the space according to the portfolio of benefits should be specified in summary.

Encargado eléctrico
Logísticos y seguridad
Bartender (max. 2 personas)
Costos extra asumidos por el proyecto:

Ingeniero de sonido
Extra bartenders
Curaduría musical


Def: From English smurf. In online multiplayer games, or MMO, a smurf account or character is one that is created as a secondary, generally once the maximum level has been reached with the main one.
Ghetto SOS will make a donation of 3% of the cover for a month, which will go to a fund that will be available to previously approved projects, with an environmental focus. As we already mentioned, at Ghetto SOS we value the process more than the result, for this reason, our contribution seeks to grow the projects to work, together with other ideas and projects. Collection account, RUT and bank certification or certificate is required in case of being a foundation.


Def: From the English rekt, vulgarism of wrecked. Rekt or Get Rekt is a vulgar expression, common among young people and adolescents, to provoke the player or the opposing team, as a synonym for "We are going to crush / destroy you".
In this benefit system, the project will have the support, endorsement and accompaniment of our team in obtaining brand resources for the execution of ideas, projects, actions, etc.

Amazon Aid

Our response to the serious situation in the Amazon. For the first time in recent history of the electronic party in the capital, more than 40 artists gathered to lend a hand to the climate emergency. There were two dates and two different foundations. The first we had a total of $ 21,818,000 destined for GAIA, the Colombian foundation with the highest recognition at the level of work in the Amazon. On the second date we had a total of $ 25,499,600 raised and went to the Green Hope Foundation.


On our "sustainability Tuesday" we were the witness space of the environmental Hackathon in charge of the "Youth of the Earth" collective. It was a day of exchange where we taught how to use technology and creativity in order to responsibly direct, structure and formalize collective demands for changes in public policies on the environment.


We formalize the permanent alliance with the Bogota Waste Collectors Association in order to characterize our garbage and monitor it beyond our facilities. We also support this action with changes in internal culture such as removing single-use plastic and migrating to more environmentally friendly materials and easier recycling.


The electric cart was launched to migrate the human traction of the trade. This innovation was thanks to Cempre, Natura, Rcoworks and other recyclers associations. The panel of this edition was around the rubbish and in addition to doing it in The Ghetto Project, we were invited as innovative agents of sustainability.

Pimp my carroza

A project that seeks to dignify the work of the recycler and improve their labor quality. We shared a day with waste collectors and volunteers from different disciplines who were in charge of leading recreational activities and artistic intervention to their carts as a way to increase their sense of belonging.

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